About Us


We loved the imported boho items in boutiques in America, so we decided to go get them ourselves. 

I’m Kelsey, the founder of Bangles of Bombay; and I’m so glad you’re visiting our site! Five years ago, we started the adventure of buying fashion jewelry and accessories from India, and now we can’t stop. India is the most creative and colorful country I’ve ever been to and full of sought after raw materials. The opportunities are endless in India for things to buy. Sometimes I get an idea and a manufacturer makes it happen. Sometimes I walk into a showroom and find items that are perfect just the way that they are. Either way, I’m convinced anything can be done here. This country knows how to do fashion! 

My Team...

Meet Tessy:

I'm a Texas girl who loves breakfast, sports, technology, and baking! I know all the words to every Taylor Swift song and will always Google something that I don't know the answer to. My friends say I'm a sassy diva and that I'm hilarious around people I know. I'm a defender (classic ISFJ) and can empathize with the best of 'em. Driving with my windows down makes me happy. I like details and am very practical and logical. My favorite parts about India are the hospitality, roadside coconut water, market shopping (picture Free People/Urban clothes for $4), and that "anything is possible." As far as my role on the #BanglesCrew, I oversee the website, inventory, and just generally try to make my girls' creative and visionary dreams come true.

Meet Vic:

19 different homes, 4 different countries, and a gajillion experiences later…I’m a military brat working in the most colorful, vibrant, unexpected place I’ve ever seen. I laugh at every joke (especially my own), find reasons to celebrate even the smallest victories, and the majority of the time, I would rather be painting. I love wildflowers, dramatic movies, tattoos, and donuts. I’m an otter through and through, and an ENFP (holler at the personality test lovers out there!!!) My life consists of lots exclamation points, emojis, and whatever acronym is trending rn. I also have a wicked cool (fake) British accent. In college, I studied Apparel Merchandising and Product Development with a minor in Theatre, and I spent a good chunk of time running social media for my sorority, Kappa Delta (AOT!!!!). My role within the #BanglesCrew is doin what I know best — social media marketing and taking fun pics out the wazoo. Working for Bangles of Bombay truly is BOMB (ha…get it?) and I learn new ways to do my job better each day!